Houselessness: Not “Someone Else’s” Problem

Shelter is an integral part of the human condition and an aspect of our lives that can be easily taken for granted. Many consider housing and shelter to be a fundamental human right. But this thinking feels jarringly disconnected with the unpleasant reality that on any given night, approximately half a million Americans are left unsheltered. Of those people, 19% are chronically homeless and 6% are veterans. Disturbingly, the fastest growing segment is families with children.

What’s Next for Downtown San Rafael?

New Community-Driven Precise Plan Heads for Adoption by City Council, Aiming to Create a Mixed-Use, Transit-Rich Downtown Area

Ten Actions Toward Being an Antiracist New Urbanist

At the recent CNU.29 Design for Change, a virtual conference by the Congress for New Urbanism, Karen Parolek hosted a capstone seminar on the roles and responsibilities of New Urbanists in dismantling systemic racism in the United States.