Top 10 Tips for Cities Considering Pre-Approved Housing Plans

The discussion of Pre-Approved Housing Plans, or what we call a Pre-Approved Housing Types Catalog (PAHTC) is being discussed and considered by jurisdictions across the country to address the dire nature of housing costs. Small and large communities, and even the Canadian Government thinking about national application, are hopeful these plans can help spur delivery of more new housing and at a greater variety of price points. This approach, if implemented effectively, can be a way to reduce costs and time of entitlement and delivery of homes while elevating the quality of design and living offered.

MMH Scan™ Supports Adoption of Middle Housing Standards in Knoxville

The Knoxville City Council recently adopted Middle Housing Zoning standards informed by Opticos’ Missing Middle Housing Scan. The Council’s aim is to expand housing options while preserving neighborhood character. Developed in collaboration with community input and Opticos Design’s consultation, these standards aim to facilitate the construction of diverse house-scale housing types within Traditional Neighborhood Residential zones.

From the Archives: Evolving a New Urbanist Icon—Seaside, Florida’s Town Square and Beachfront

In the early 2000’s Seaside Town Founder Robert Davis called me out of the blue to ask if we would work with him, his wife and Seaside co-founder Daryl Davis, and their team to work on a plan that would allow the town square and beachfront of Seaside—which was designed with temporary one story wood structures—to evolve into something more permanent but doing so in a way that did not compromise the Seaside charm and character that they had so thoughtfully orchestrated/created.