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    70 sq miles 
Brownfield and Urban Infill

Master Plans/Specific Plans

The Hub District Vision and Implementation Plan

Xenia, Ohio

As part of a Congress for New Urbanism Legacy project, Opticos led a visioning and implementation study for the Hub District in Xenia, Ohio, which included a 3-day charrette. The Hub District planning area is home to Xenia Station, former raily-ards connecting four major regional lines, that has since been adapted into a hub on the regional rail-to-trails network. Xenia Station is surrounding by historic neighborhoods as well as a number of underutilized brown-field sites, creating many opportunities for infill and revitalization. Throughout the charrette, community members and key stakeholders worked with the design team to create a vision plan to leverage the assets of the Hub District and build a thriving mixed-use district, connected to and supporting downtown Xenia and the remainder of the community. Bike trails, Xenia Station Park, the site’s connection to downtown, underutilized industrial areas, and the adjacent Market District are amongst the most promising features in this neighborhood.

Charrette Process with Authentic Engagement

Throughout the three day charrette, community members worked in partnership with the design team, providing feedback in real time for design alternatives, developers provided feedback on feasibility, and local entreprenuers shared ideas on programming of redevelopment sites. 

Street Network Analysis

Xenia Station brings in visitors from out of town as a biking hub for several trails with two thoroughfares that not only facilitate frequent traffic, but are also essential for out of town visitors. Additionally, South Detroit connects the Hub District to Downtown Xenia, but lacks streetscape improvements that create a sense of place. The final aspect of this analysis includes identifying streets that terminate at the Hub District and therefore cut-off the adjacent neighborhoods from accessing its amenities. Restoring these connections to enable pedestrian access and building towards a sense of place will be beneficial in encouraging frequent Hub District visitors.

Encouraging a Sense of Place

As part of the efforts to establish an identity for the neighborhood, gateways can serve as visual cues for cyclists, pedestrians, visitors, and residents that they have arrived at the Hub District. During the charrette, community members were encouraged to sketch ideas for gateways into the neighborhood.

Expanding Xenia Station

Xenians’ love for the Xenia Station Park became abundantly clear throughout the charrette, but many people think it is underutilized. While the park itself is an excellent community resource, some additional programming and amenities will help activate and draw in more visitors.