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Walkable Winton Town Center Plan

Winton, CA

A Community-Driven Vision for a Walkable Town Center

The Walkable Winton Town Center Plan establishes a community-driven vision for a vibrant and walkable town center in the unincorporated community of Winton, California. The plan analyzes transportation challenges faced by the community, identifies corresponding opportunities, and offers recommendations for physical improvements to the Winton Way corridor and the various modes of transit that serve the project area. The vision was developed through robust community engagement including a multi-day design charrette that engaged stakeholders, County staff, and community members. The plan includes overall community-wide frameworks, conceptual cross section alternatives for Winton Way, and strategies for pedestrian and bicycle access; as well as private realm improvements such as short- and long-term strategies for opportunity site improvement and infill development.


Revitalizing Winton includes consideration of both “low hanging fruit”—projects that can be implemented quickly and for little cost—with more long-term, costly, complex projects. In some cases key project stakeholders will need to work together to encourage incremental investments that can attract private development; in others, large projects, such as a coordinated Winton Way streetscape plan, can help to catalyze the transformation of downtown.