• Size

    Master Plan for 640-acre downtown

  • Housing

    Greater housing access and choice with mixed-use buildings and Missing Middle Housing

  • Building Types

    Strategic infill development at key nodes to create neighborhood-scale housing and amenities

  • Biking Facilities

    Enhanced pedestrian and bicycle connectivity using road diets and one-way to two-way street conversions

  • Transit

    Focused public investment at the Transit Center to create a new mixed-use, downtown gateway

  • Community Engagement

    In-depth engagement with local stakeholder groups including a multi-day Design Charrette and workshops

Missing Middle Housing Master Plans/Specific Plans Downtowns

Downtown Modesto Master Plan

Modesto, CA

Community-driven downtown revival


Downtown Modesto is set to transform from an auto-oriented, under-performing center into a memorable, pedestrian-oriented destination. A community-led Master Plan vision celebrates its distinct identity and agricultural roots, with catalyst projects to mobilize downtown revitalization and incremental mixed-use infill for sustained, balanced growth. The economic development strategy focuses on retaining local businesses and includes quick-build, low-cost transformations to spur reinvestment.

A Vision Shaped by Community Conversations

The Downtown Plan has been informed by in-depth conversations with stakeholders and included a Design Charrette that engaged the community in meaningful ways. The Plan aims to create a downtown that benefits everyone. For instance, in response to community concerns, the Plan includes economic development strategies to diversify uses and protect local businesses.

New Downtown Nodes and Enhanced Connectivity

In addition to strengthening the downtown core at the Transit Station area, new mixed-use nodes diversify the range of downtown entertainment and recreation activities, promoting economic vitality.

Several one-way streets will be converted to two-way to improve mobility and create safe bicycle access to downtown amenities. The new multimodal network will support new housing and neighborhood amenities.

Think a generation ahead.

— Community Member, Visioning Workshop