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    2015 APA Hawai’i Outstanding Planning Award & 2015 APA Hawai’i Best Practice Award

Award Winners Form-Based Coding Social & Environmental Justice Small Town/Rural

South Kaua’i Form-Based Code

South Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Evolving while preserving agricultural and cultural character

In coordination with its planning and regional-scale efforts, Opticos worked with the community in the South Kaua’i area to draft a Form-Based Code for the area.

Guiding the planning and coding efforts were the concepts of preservation, evolution, and transformation. Opticos worked with the community to identify ways to preserve agricultural character and cultural history, which led to zoning code changes that will intelligently allow the village to evolve over the next twenty years.

The project culminated in a graphically rich and easy-to-understand code tailored to the specific needs of the southern areas of the island. Development standards included references to local building types and provisions for buildings that would enhance the public realm, invigorate local commerce, and encourage walkability for residents and visitors alike.