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NAHB Report: Diversifying Housing Options

Opticos Design worked with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to complete the research for a report, “Diversifying Housing Options with Smaller Lots and Smaller Homes.

Opticos Design team members researched and documented strategies taken by cities across the country to remove zoning barriers in order to deliver a greater mix of housing types or Missing Middle Housing to neighborhoods.

The report is the most comprehensive study to date that examines zoning strategies to deliver much-needed housing choices, with 118 cities being interviewed. It includes case study regulations for a range of approaches including: 1) Accessory Dwelling Units, 2) Small Lot Ordinances and Density Adjustments, 3) Cottage Courts, and 4) Form-Based Coding. The report also includes case studies of built examples.

This report shines a light on how state and local policy changes and good design can address this Missing Middle in housing today.

— Debra Bassert, AVP, Land Use & Design, National Association of Home Builders