• Size

    0.17 acres

  • Housing

    20 units (117.9 du/acre)

  • Building Types

    Courtyard Building

  • Biking Facilities

    20 spaces (18 are bike lockers)

  • Community Gathering Spaces

    Laundry room

Urban Architecture Downtowns

Santa Maria Mill Street Courtyard

Santa Maria, CA

This project integrates 20 courtyard-oriented units on a 100’ x 72’ lot in downtown Santa Maria, generating a density of 120 units/acre in this 2-3 story building. The unit sizes are all under 400 square feet with 5 off-street parking spaces. The project takes on Spanish Revival style that is common in Santa Barbara County, and a defined style required within the Downtown Specific Plan created by the City.

Project Highlights

1. Compact, efficient units for workforce housing market

2. Intimate, community-oriented courtyard accessible to all residents

3. Progressive parking solutions that push the envelope and promote walking and biking over driving

4. Creative 2 and 3 story building massing providing light and air into units and courtyard

5. All units under 400 square feet to deliver attainably-priced units