The Missing Middle Housing Collection™

At the core of a good placemaking and value creation strategy in infill contexts or in new communities, The Missing Middle Housing Collection™ is redefining what home means in 21st-century America. This collection includes for sale, fee simple, condo, and rental home types. Some of our clients use the collection to provide attainable housing products, and others use them to provide unique, higher-end homes at the top end of the market.

“Opticos worked closely with us to design a beautiful, diverse neighborhood... It’s been a true pleasure working with them to fulfill my vision.”

— Jerry Reimer, Co-founder, Urban Village Development

The MMH Neighborhood Kit™

This kit of parts system presents a suite of 100% efficient unit plans, ranging in size from 700 to 2,300 square feet, which can be combined in different ways to create a variety of house-scale Missing Middle Housing types. These types can then easily be assembled to cost-effectively deliver a complete, new walkable neighborhood, or they can be used to “fill in the gaps” on infill sites to make more complete existing neighborhoods.
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100% Efficient (All rentable/sellable area; no lobbies, hallways, or similar)
Individual Buildings 18 du/acre –30du/acre
Density of Typical Neighborhood 14.5du/acre
Neighborhood Scale Buildings Maximum of 4-8 units per building

Mews Homes™

An innovative, new concept that “flips the townhouse on its side,” Mews Homes include a private outdoor space for each unit, direct access parking, and an open-air great room—all in a two-story, compact package. Units are oriented onto a pedestrian-only mews walkway, which fosters a strong sense of community.

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Unique Product Deliver the market a housing type that there is nothing else like in the market.

Attainable Price Points As low as $200,000 in some markets

Higher Yields Than Townhouses Unit densities of 20-30 dwelling units per acre

Barely Attached Due to the “flipped” design and the fact that units are attached in pairs of only two, the attached walls much smaller than that of a traditional townhouse—which means maximum privacy for residents.

Compact, But Highly Livable Unit Plans Units range from 960 to 1,400 square feet

Efficient Site Plans Unlocks the placemaking potential for small and odd-shaped infill lots

MMH Terrace Homes™

Terrace Homes provide a creative system of highly efficient Upper Missing Middle Housing types offering fee simple, flats, or a combination of the two. These types can be combined in various ways to create highly livable urban buildings that satisfy the growing demand for attainable homes in buildings bigger than townhouses but smaller than large apartment/condominium mid-rises or towers.

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High Yields/Efficiencies
Can achieve densities of 37 to 48 dwelling units per acre as fee simple units at an individual lot up to neighborhood scale application
Lives like a Townhouse

“Opticos' design of the Mews Homes was innovative and differentiated us from the market. It also enabled us to hit a price point near $200,000 that we had been unable to reach with our existing product types. Dan and the Opticos team have been a great partner, and we’re excited to work with them on new, creative projects in the future!"

— Spencer Holmes, Partner and Vice President, Holmes Homes

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