Missing Middle Housing Form-Based Codes Events & Charrettes

Opticos Participating in APA PTS Training on Form-Based Planning and Coding in Seattle this June

Dan Parolek and Tony Perez of Opticos Design along with Jennifer Carlat from the Nashville Davidson County Planning Department, Bill Spikowski of Spikowski Planning Associates, and Ed Starkie of Urban Advisors, will lead an Advanced Form-Based Planning and Zoning workshop as part of APA’s PTS training series June 11 – 12 in Seattle. This is an advanced training for practicing planners that will show how form-based planning and zoning fit into your community’s future, to keep up with the demand for walkable urban living, sustainable development, and diverse housing choices.

You’ll learn about:

  • Linking your comprehensive plan to form-based codes
  • Assessing and building staff expertise to get the job done
  • Comparing different approaches to regulating urban form
  • Using language that will make locals comfortable with the process
  • Fostering diverse, “Missing Middle” housing types in neighborhoods
  • Using form-based planning and coding as economic development tools
  • Establishing working relationships with city and county departments
  • Selecting and trying out your first form-based districts

Find out more on the APA’s website.