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2023 Missing Middle Solutions and Car-Free Urbanism Road Tour

Opticos is hitting the road! Come join Daniel Parolek at one of his upcoming speaking events to discuss all things walkable urbanism-related, including the state of Missing Middle Housing applications around the world, including Opticos’ latest Missing Middle Scans and Deep Dives™, a County-wide Zoning Toolkit for Marin County intended to deliver much-needed housing options, and Housing Plans for various cities including Modesto and Sacramento, California, the latest updates on the implementation of Culdesac Tempe, the county’s first car-free community built from scratch and Prairie Queen, the country’s first 100% Missing Middle Neighborhood which utilizes the Missing Middle Neighborhood Kit™. There will be some frank discussions about existing barriers for implementing walkable urbanism, why we have not made more progress enabling it, and what organizations are leading the way in these conversations.


Daniel Parolek's 2023 Speaking Events

Please join one or as many of these as you like if you want to know Daniel Parolek’s latest thoughts on these fronts.

Atlanta, GA: Two Events

Salt Lake City, UT

Denver, CO: Two Events


  • The Messy City Podcast: Car-Free Urbanism-What’s Next for Missing Middle, Why is Urbanism Still Illegal to Build!?
    • March, Time and Date TBD



Chicago, IL:

Scranton, PA:


More dates in the fall and winter to be added. Want to stay informed? Click here to stay up-to-date with the tour events!