Tony Perez, Senior Associate
  • Director of Form-Based Coding
  • Dog Breed: Toy poodle
  • Bicycle: Clocc road bike

An expert at working with communities to establish and translate policy direction into clear and implementable development standards

With 28 years of experience—including 12 as a public sector planner and the past 16 as a consulting professional writing Form-Based Codes—Tony provides his clients with both sharp focus and broad perspective to ensure that development standards articulated are capable of implementing policies and delivering expected visions. Fluent in the language of urban design and architecture, Tony is able to extract maximum information and direction out of a vision while asking important questions of designers and stakeholders in the process. A leader in advancing the practice of Form-Based Coding, Tony has authored or co-authored over 25 zoning codes and peer-reviewed or contributed to over 20 others, ranging in scale from small to citywide. As a Form-Based Codes Institute board member and instructor, he increasingly enjoys working with public sector planners across the U.S. to train them in using and explaining Form-Based Codes. He teaches Form-Based Planning and Coding to graduate and undergraduate students in major universities, and he is currently nearing completion of a case study book titled The Mexican Patio House, which analyzes 30 patio house buildings ranging from small urban houses to civic buildings to haciendas from Central Mexico.

Tony‘s Thoughts: