Niklas Thorsrud, Associate I
  • Associate I
  • Credentials: RA
  • Education: University of Notre Dame

An Architect focused on architecturally, financially, and socially sustainable solutions

Growing up in the Midwest, Nik has always nurtured a passion for architecture and walkable urbanism. His training in traditional architecture and context-sensitive design informs his attention to detail in his work. Building on this foundation, Nik strives for solutions that are architecturally, financially, and socially sustainable for each site. He believes that architecture should be a representative extension of those who use and occupy the spaces, with this type of intentional design arising from hearing and being sensitive to the variety of stakeholder voices.

Nik serves on the steering committee for the San Francisco chapter of Build Out Alliance, a professional organization that advocates for LGBTQ+ representation and inclusion in the building design and construction industry. He has taught courses at the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art in New York and is a Registered Architect.