Mitali Ganguly, Associate II
  • Associate
  • Credentials: AICP, LEED ND
  • Dog Breed: Mutt
  • Bicycle: Orange electric cargo bike

A design innovator regarded for her work in small-scale Transit-Oriented Development, affordable housing, and urban revitalization

Through over 12 years of her professional career, Mitali has maintained a commitment to designing beautiful, context-sensitive spaces and places for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. For her, the key to urban design is process: understanding each context in depth in order to create elements that make a place unique. As a project manager, her roster of projects spans the micro and macro—from buildings to neighborhood plans to regional studies and strategies. The urbanist has built a reputation as a thought leader in small-scale Transit-Oriented Development, and she has focused recent research on changing demographic trends shaping the suburbs of today—and the future. When not putting pen to paper designing or shepherding around her kids, Mitali enjoys exploring new Bay Area neighborhoods on bike or on foot. She also is a frequent New Story volunteer, contributing to disaster relief efforts and supporting relocated communities.