Erick Bernabe, Associate I
  • Associate I
  • Dog Breed: Poodle Terrier
  • Bicycle: 90's road bike (Nishiki)

An advocate for equitable housing and supportive built environments

For over a decade, Erick has worked for several progressive mission-driven architectural and urban design offices. As an advocate for equitable housing and supportive built environments he champions collaborative design and communication, challenging others to think holistically and develop ideas collectively.

On any given day, you may find Erick helping staff to better utilize nuances of a particular code or curating complex project data to present a simpler, compelling idea to clients. As a project manager, he is diligent with his effort and time, values communication, and adapts to the changes that can happen during the life of a project.

In 2016 Erick received the Housing Specialization in Architecture from the University of Oregon, complimenting his past experiences designing affordable housing in the Bay Area, private and below-market-rate homes in Oregon, and market-rate cohousing neighborhoods across North America. As a member of the Opticos team, refines his housing knowledge by implementing Missing Middle Housing and conventional housing types.

Erick believes in empowering communities and is active in several organizations within his community, including the Berkeley Prize, Berkeley Human Society, and Opticos Design. Four things you’ll always find in his bag: a small sketchbook, measuring tape, bike tools, and something to read (usually sci-fi).