Place-Based Comprehensive & Regional Planning

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“Opticos’ work has been invaluable for the City of Cincinnati in providing a coherent Form-Based Code implementation strategy. They effectively educated our staff and community members, assessed our current code, and provided several implementation options for us to consider. In addition, they are providing an innovative form-based framework for our Comprehensive Plan that will reinforce the unique community character of the walkable urban neighborhoods throughout the city and provide a foundation for the future Form-Based Code work.”

- Charles Graves, Director Planning and Building, City of Cincinnati
Reinforcing Local Culture and Respect for Natural Environment, Kauai General Plan, Hawaii
Preserving and Enhancing Rural Character and Small-Town Urbanism in the Lowcountry, Beaufort County, South Carolina
Prioritizing the Re-urbanization of 42 Walkable Urban Neighborhoods, Cincinnati, Ohio
Sustainable Growth Strategy for a Rapidly Urbanizing City in a Developing Country, Libreville, Gabon, Africa

Our urbanist approach to citywide and countywide planning projects focuses on creating vibrant, walkable communities. To plan at large scales, we work with regions to identify Place Types that define the fabric of the area, and then describe these Place Types through Transect-based zones emphasizing good form and rich character.

With large projects, we take our design-based planning ethos and deploy it on a large scale, adapting specialized community outreach efforts to listen to and address all voices and stakeholders. As both architects and planners, we bring a well-rounded approach that leads to real, implementable solutions. Types of planning efforts we conduct include:

  • Comprehensive/General Plans
  • Regional Plans