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John MIki
  • Education: Master of Urban Design, UC Berkeley; BArch, Carnegie Mellon
  • Registrations: LEED AP
  • Dog Breed: Coho (not a dog)
  • Bicycle: Road

John Miki, LEED AP, Associate

John Miki’s detail-oriented background and architectural training add depth and bring expertise to planning and form-based coding projects. His keen understanding of digital technology combined with a passion for urban places, results in cutting-edge planning and design solutions. John has created a host of award-winning Form-Based Codes and plans that utilize the benefits of highly technical computer programs and photographic software—yet he is skilled at making advanced technological applications clear and understandable with his excellent sense of humor, outgoing personality, and ease of collaboration.

Before joining Opticos in 2006, John was at Urban Design Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While there, he worked on a number of award-winning projects, including the East Baltimore Redevelopment Project, a long-term process with both public and private involvement that revitalized an inner-city neighborhood, the redesign of public housing into mixed-income housing for the HOPE VI projects, and a Master Plan for the University of California, Santa Barbara, campus. While living in Pittsburgh, John also fell in love with walkable urban design; after growing up in the automobile-dependent city of Miami, Florida, Pittsburgh was a dense, pedestrian-friendly city with traditional main-street-based neighborhoods and excellent public transportation. His experience there helped shape his interest in urban planning and in the integration of historic architectural details within the communities he is helping to redesign.

When he’s not in the office or shuttling his three children between soccer practices and games, John enjoys sailing and fishing. He is also an enthusiastic photographer shooting pictures of urban environments or natural landscapes with his Nikon SLR.