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  • Pedestrians First

    Pedestrians First

    “Every increment of construction must be made in such a way as to heal the city.” ~The Overriding Rule, A New Theory of Urban Design by Christopher Alexander, Hajo Neis, Artemis Anninou and Ingrid King, p22. Rick Bernhardt, a truly … Continue reading

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    1. walkable communities
      What Makes a Community Walkable?

      As you might already know, we at Opticos Design are firm believers in the principles of New Urbanism, a movement that aims to improve quality of life through sustainable urban development and the creation of complete neighborhoods. A key tenant … Continue reading

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    2. pedestrians crossing a highway - why we need destinational walkability
      Designing Neighborhoods for Safer Destinational Walking

      We recently wrote on the merits of destinational walking and the ways in which communities can be supportive of it. When we put pen to paper to design walkable neighborhoods, we strive to make walking a safe, useful, and enjoyable … Continue reading

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    3. Walkability
      Five Reasons Demand for Walkability is Growing Across America

      To continue our discussion of walkability, today we’re taking a look at the some of the leading reasons behind the growing demand for walkable community design across the country. Walkability is not a new value: in fact, it’s an old … Continue reading

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    4. Why Walkability Matters Fountain
      Why Walkability Matters to Us

      In Why I Walk, Kevin Klinkenberg writes, “creating better places to live can in turn improve our lives. And better places are places where we can walk.” This statement perfectly captures the central belief that drives our work at Opticos … Continue reading

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    5. South Kaua'i Community Plan
      Opticos Design’s South Kaua’i Community Plan and Form-Based Code Is Adopted by The County Council

      After a series of successful public hearings with the County Planning Commission last fall, the South Kaua‘i Community Plan and Form-Based Code was adopted by the County Council on July 10th, 2015. Hawai’i’s Kaua’i County has been working on several … Continue reading

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    6. Niko Tiula Missing Middle Housing design competition 1st place entry
      Michigan Missing Middle Housing Design Competition Draws Global Talent

      The first-ever Missing Middle Housing design competition sponsored by the American Institute of Architects Michigan chapter, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, and the Michigan State University Land Policy Institute among others, attracted entries from architects and design students from … Continue reading

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    7. Institute of Classical Architecture and Art Cailin Shannon
      Opticos’s Cailin Shannon Demonstrates Her Superb Sketching Skills at ICAA Event

      Senior Designer Cailin Shannon honed her drawing skills as a classical architecture student at the University of Notre Dame, where she was awarded the Andrew F. Kervick Award for excellence in freehand drawing. In addition to her project management responsibilities, … Continue reading

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    8. San Francisco bike coalition bike to work day
      The West Leads the Nation for Percentage of Households That Walk & Bike

      The U.S. Census Bureau added new questions to the 2013 American Housing Survey to determine how many American households use public transit, walk, and bike as a means of transportation, how often, and how convenient it was. The Bureau also collected … Continue reading

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    9. Hwy 395 Three Flags Highway Mono County CA
      Progressive Planning & Revitalization Strategies in Rural California

      U.S. Highway 395 (shown above), otherwise known as the Three Flags Highway, is the only road not part of the interstate highway system that extends from the Canadian border to southern California, through some of the most scenic and remote … Continue reading

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