FBC Book Reference

Form-Based Codes: A Guide for Planners, Urban Designers, Municipalities, and Developers

By Daniel Parolek, Karen Parolek, and Paul Crawford


Fig. 3-20: Block Documentation Matrix (32 KB xls)

Fig. 3-25: Thoroughfare Documentation Sheet (48 KB pdf)

Fig. 3-26: Frontage Type Documentation Sheet (44 KB pdf)

Fig. 3-27: Building Type Documentation Sheet (96 KB pdf)

Case Studies
Development Code Update and Form-Based Code
, Grass Valley, California (3.3 MB pdf)
Downtown Master Plan and Form-Based Code
, Benicia, California (6.6 MB pdf)
Form-Based Code for Mixed-Use Infill
, Sarasota County, Florida (6.1 MB pdf)
Heart of Peoria Land Development Code
, Peoria, Illinois (10.3 MB pdf)
Miami 21 SmartCode
, Miami, Florida
Montgomery, Alabama
Citywide SmartCode
Downtown Master Plan
Santa Ana Downtown Renaissance Specific Plan
, Santa Ana, California
TOD SmartCode
, Leander, Texas (10.5 MB pdf)
Towns, Villages, and Countryside
, St. Lucie County, Florida (7.8 MB pdf)
Ventura, California
Downtown Ventura Specific Plan (12 MB pdf)
• Main Street and Thompson Boulevard FBC (49.6 MB pdf)

Other FBCs and Planning Documents
2005 Ventura General Plan
, Ventura, California
Blue Springs Downtown Development Code
, Blue Springs, Missouri
Downtown Newhall Specific Plan
, Santa Clarita, California, draft, September 13, 2005
Heart of Peoria, Implementation Charrette Report & Master Plan
, Peoria, Illinois, public review draft, May 2006
North St. Lucie County Charrette: A Citizens’ Master Plan
, St. Lucie County, Florida
SmartCode & Manual

Uptown Whittier Specific Plan
, Whittier, California

Web Sites
Charrette Institute

Charter of the New Urbanism

City of Grass Valley, California

City of Miami, Florida

City of Montgomery, Alabama

City of Peoria, Illinois

Congress for the New Urbanism
Fannie Mae Location Efficient Mortgage (LEM) Calculator

Form-Based Codes Institute

Local Government Commission

New Urban Timeline

Smart Growth Network

St. Lucie County, Florida