Designing Projects That Propel
Positive Social and Environmental Change


Defining the Project, Refining the Approach, Understanding the Place

We clarify your approach and scope and help you determine your goals. Perhaps you have a vision in mind, but you don’t know how to achieve it. Or maybe your project is stalled, but you don’t know the best fix. We will partner with you to articulate your needs—and then generate clear and innovative solutions to your architecture and design problems.

Since we believe that places and people are unique, all of our approaches are custom-made for the context of each particular project. We are skilled at understanding a physical site and its surroundings as well as the larger financial, political, and cultural aspects that may be involved. In this way, we can assist you with strategic advising, site assessment, and vision planning that address the richness and complexities of your specific needs.


Generating Unique, Place-Specific Solutions

We transform your ideas into visionary solutions. Our firm combines a creative approach, hands-on experience, and a commitment to creating and reinforcing great urban places. The result? Visions, plans, codes, and buildings of the highest quality that are solidly backed by detailed research—and our ability to provide high-caliber results.

At the same time, we understand that even the best designs need public support to succeed. We bring the community to the table as active and engaged participants in the process. With events that include multiday design charettes, public meetings, and neighborhood discussions, we host the modern equivalent of a barn-raising, which facilitates public interest and investment in your project. This combination of a highly skilled project team paired with strong public support means smooth implementation of your plans—with no surprises along the way.


Ensuring High-Quality Results

We take plans and seamlessly turn them into built realities. Our clear understanding of both overall context and the important details that matter, along with a compelling vision and public support, creates inspiring places and buildings.

Our passion and expertise runs both broad and deep. We are adept at all scales and aspects of designing and implementing more sustainable, livable communities. Whether you’d like to work with us at the scale of a building, block, neighborhood, city, or region, starting from scratch or with prior plans, we are skilled at navigating every step of the process toward a successful end solution. We want to help you achieve your goals and capture the full value of places and spaces—and by doing so, we strive to imagine innovative ways of helping people live, work, and travel more responsibly and sustainably.