About Opticos

How will you respond to the growing
demand for walkable urban living?

Imagine a place where children ride their bikes to school. Picture a community where neighbors walk to the corner grocery and meet at local parks and where urban spaces are interconnected through public transportation. Pair this ideal with an architecture that is rooted in the history, climate, and culture of a place. The result is a community where people of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes want to live, work, and play. Opticos Design, Inc. has the experience and expertise to help you make this vision a reality, whether you’d like to create a building, a street, a neighborhood—or an entire town.

Blending the best from the past with the most innovative ideas of the present, our multidisciplinary approach results in state-of-the-art projects that are contextually rich, architecturally solid, and aesthetically appealing. From designs for individual buildings to regional master plans, whether we’re making new neighborhoods or revitalizing old spaces, we create custom-made solutions that directly address the architectural, cultural, and sustainable needs of communities. In the process, we form lasting partnerships with our clients. B Corp logo

We also practice what we preach. In 2007, we officially became one of the first B Corporations (see our current Annual Benefit Report), and in 2012, one of 12 initial California Benefit Corporations, a revolutionary new kind of business that equally integrates environmental, social, and fiscal responsibility into decision making. That commitment informs every project we select and each choice we make—both professional and personal. We don’t just ask others to go car-free; we bike, walk, or take public transit to our office located in a mixed-use urban center. We’re the first to admit that we’re far from perfect, but we are trying to make a difference. We shop locally, live small, and work responsibly. These decisions inform our work at every level, and as a result, we are proud to help create communities that thrive and buildings that withstand the test of time.

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